Letter of Support

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November 18th, 2019

Dear Columbia Gorge CWMA members and prospective members,

The Columbia Gorge Cooperative Weed Management Area (CWMA) is an organization dedicated to preventing the spread of invasive plants throughout the Columbia River Gorge. The CWMA supplies a valuable service to land managers and residents of the Gorge and surrounding areas by providing a forum for information sharing, producing educational opportunities, and collecting and consolidating data and resources in the battle against invasive weeds. With the help of our Coordinator, we have expanded our activities to share timely weed information on a much wider scale and we will continue to grow our organization and improve Columbia Gorge weed control collaboration. All of this growth would not be possible without the support of our member organizations.

As we continue developing a strong base for our organization, we are looking for current and prospective members to consider becoming sponsoring members of the CWMA. Our sponsors support the Columbia Gorge CWMA through financial donations or by providing staff time and resources. Contributions from sponsoring organizations allow the Columbia Gorge CWMA to support their Coordinator, improve communications, increase capacity for planning and hosting events, and develop outreach capabilities. The funding level amount is entirely determined by your organization.

We’re also asking current and prospective members to show their support of the organization by signing onto the renewed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The purpose of the MOU is to bring together organizations working on invasive weed issues, and becoming a signatory shows your commitment to the CWMA. The MOU does not delegate any decision-making authority and there are no financial obligations associated with signing the MOU. Instead, it is designed to encourage an atmosphere of cooperation, integration, and sharing to accomplish mutual goals.

If your organization is not a Columbia Gorge CWMA member, we ask that you please consider joining our growing list of partners to improve the management of invasive weeds in our area by signing onto the MOU.  If you are a current member please confirm your support by renewing your commitment.

As you are preparing your budgets, please consider becoming a sponsoring member to help fund the Columbia Gorge CWMA. Together we can keep the momentum of expansion and growth going. Please contact our CWMA Coordinator, Courtney Gattuso (503-210-6015, columbiagorgecwma@gmail.com) to learn more about becoming a sponsoring member of the Columbia Gorge CWMA.



Emily Stevenson

Columbia Gorge CWMA Washington Co-Chair




Lucas Nipp

Columbia Gorge CWMA Oregon Co-Chair