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November 20th, 2018

Dear Columbia Gorge CWMA members and prospective members,

The Columbia Gorge Cooperative Weed Management Area is growing like a weed! For 10 years we’ve been providing gorge-area land managers with a network to share critical information, build community, and find opportunities to partner and pool resources. Recently we hired a new coordinator, shared with the 4-County CWMA, which borders us to the west.  This position, originally began in 2014, has allowed the Columbia Gorge CWMA to expand our activities, including the development of a website and an e-newsletter to share timely weed information on a wide scale.  With the help of our new coordinator, we will continue to grow our organization and improve Columbia Gorge weed control collaboration.  All of this growth would not be possible without the support of our member organizations.

As we continue developing a strong base for our organization, we are looking for current and prospective members to consider becoming sponsoring members of the CWMA. Our sponsors support the Columbia Gorge CWMA through financial donations or by providing staff time and resources. Contributions from sponsoring organizations allow the Columbia Gorge CWMA to support their coordinator, improve communications, increase capacity for planning and hosting events and develop outreach capabilities. Please see the enclosed Annual Report for a summary of all of our exciting and informative events and meetings held in 2018. By contributing to the CWMA, members are able to dedicate their limited time and resources to on-the-ground management of noxious weeds in the gorge while receiving up-to-date weed information and community support from the CWMA. And the funding level amount is entirely determined by your organization.

As you are preparing your budgets, please consider contributing to the important efforts of the Columbia Gorge CWMA. Together we can keep the momentum of expansion and growth going. We would love to include your organization in our list of sponsoring members.  Please contact our CWMA coordinator, Courtney Gattuso (503-210-6015, to learn more about becoming a sponsoring member of the Columbia Gorge CWMA.


Emily Stevenson

Columbia Gorge CWMA Washington Co-Chair



Lucas Nipp

Columbia Gorge CWMA Oregon Co-Chair