2019 Field Day in the Eagle Creek Fire Burn Area

Thank you for attending the 2019 Columbia Gorge CWMA Field Day!

We had a fantastic time during our Field Day in the Eagle Creek Fire burn area! We’d like to give a BIG thank you to our speakers and attendees for joining us this year! Rock slides, trail closures, and fallen trees didn’t stop us from catching a glimpse into succession after the fire. We learned about the adopted management practices, heard different perspectives of the fire, and saw how restoration efforts have been impacted since the burn. We even saw some cool rare plants and waterfalls! 

Enjoy these pictures from the event:


Event Agenda

8:30-9:00am     Gather for coffee and carpooling at Rooster Rock State Park

We will gather at Rooster Rock State Park in the morning for introductions and carpooling. Coffee and snacks will be provided. We will be leaving at 9:00am.

  • We will discuss a safety protocol procedure at the carpool location before entering any burn areas.

9:10-10:30am     Head to Angel’s Rest Trailhead/Coopey Falls (10 minute drive)

The group will park at the Angel’s Rest Trailhead and hike to Coopey Falls (1.0 mile round trip; 350 foot elevation gain).

  • Mika Barrett (Friends of the Columbia Gorge) will talk about dedicated volunteer stewardship throughout the Columbia Gorge and show the group a volunteer-led weed treatment project near Coopey Falls.

10:50am-12:20pm     Head to John B. Yeon Trailhead/McCord Creek Delta (20 minute drive)

We will park at the John B. Yeon Trailhead and walk east along the Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail. Here, we will see various restoration efforts led and implemented by Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, East Multnomah SWCD, Mosaic Ecology, and Friends of the Columbia Gorge. (1.0 mile round trip; paved trail with little elevation gain)

  • John Cowan (Oregon Parks and Recreation Department) will show the group an herb Robert treatment area and discuss how the fire has impacted succession.
  • Chris Aldassy (East Multnomah SWCD) and Alex Staunch (Mosaic Ecology) will discuss their collaborative approach to the McCord Creek Delta project.
  • Mika Barrett (Friends of the Columbia Gorge) and John Cowan (Oregon Parks and Recreation Department) will show the group a planting project that was prepped and installed by a total of 2500 volunteers.

12:30-1:30pm     Lunch at Bonneville Fish Hatchery Picnic Area (10 minute drive)

We will have lunch at the Bonneville Fish Hatchery picnic area, located just north of the gift shop. Don’t forget to bring a sack lunch and plenty of water!

1:35-3:00pm     Head to Wahclella Falls Trailhead (5 minute drive)

We will park gain a unique perspective of the burn area along the Wahclella Falls Trail along Tanner Creek. (about 1.5 mile round trip; 250 foot elevation gain)

  • Chis Aldassy (East Multnomah SWCD) will discuss the Early Detection Rapid Response strategy for treating false brome and other noxious weeds in the valley of Tanner Creek.
  • Alex Staunch (Mosaic Ecology) will discuss on the ground experiences as a contractor which involves interfacing with the public, safety practices working in the terrain of a burn zone, and utilizing technology in weed treatments.

3:25pm     Drive back to Rooster Rock State Park and part ways (25 minute drive)


We hope to see you next year!