Play. Clean. Go.

In March of 2015 the Columbia Gorge CWMA joined a national campaign to help prevent the spread of invasive species. Play. Clean. Go. offers a variety of design-focused media free-of-charge to anyone interested in stopping invasions.  Find the free media and more information here

Invasive species have many pathways of spread. For instance, weed seeds move easily in soil so muddy boots or vehicles can spread invasive plants. Some seeds have special hooks to help them hitch a ride. Weeds seeds can spread on our shoes, socks, clothing, and pets.

Some invasive plants are quite attractive and show up in nurseries as ornamental plants. They can also hide in nursery stock, potting mixes, or home décor made from raw wood products.

A number of insect and disease pests of trees can move in cut firewood, pallets, or solid wood packing material.

Being aware of these pathways of spread can help us reduce the risk of accidentally moving harmful invasive species. By learning how to inspect and clean our belongings and knowing the source of the things we buy, we can begin to reduce the chance of inadvertently spreading something that could harm those things we cherish.

You and your organization can help recreationists to understand the link between outdoor recreation and pathways of spread for terrestrial invasive species. The goal of the Play. Clean. Go. campaign is: “To give recreationists a clear call to action—to be informed, attentive, and accountable for stopping the spread of invasive species.” We welcome your partnership!


  • By becoming a partner, you can spread the message:Play. Clean. Go.: Stop invasive species in your tracks. The objectives of the program are to be fun and to encourage recreation; be user friendly and accessible; accommodate a variety of audiences and media outlets; and be compatible with the Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers brand and other partner brands.
  • Sample media, signage, banners and headlines, have been developed using the brand signature. This systems approach to brand messaging is designed to reach a variety of audiences including campers, motorized and nonmotorized trail users, hunters, and even government employees.
  • We invite you to use Play. Clean. Go. in your outreach efforts wherever possible. You can just drop an existing ad into your materials or request assistance in developing a new ad for a specific usage.

For more information on becoming a Play. Clean. Go. partner, contact